About Us

In 1973 our founder, Sandy Dincolo, worked in sales and repairs for Wheelabrator-Frye Inc. Following, Sandy was hired as the 4th employee with Blastrac in 1976, where he established the west coast division of their team while becoming the leading expert in shot blasting and equipment repair.

By 1984 Sandy ventured out by creating California Concrete Cleaning, Inc., his own shot blasting and concrete renovation business. At the time, the market did not offer flooring scrapers that could remove the superior coatings and materials of the industry without premature failure. The new business demanded a high-quality scraper that maximized manpower, saves money, delivered professional results consistently and thus Sandy designed and delivered the Beef Stick, a new industry standard modular scraper. Originally, these outstanding tools were designed for California Concrete Cleaning, Inc. use only, but the second to none craftsmanship increased in-field production of quality work created a demand in the market leading to the creation of Cucamonga Tool Co. in 1995.

Here at Cucamonga Tool Co., we continue to design tools and equipment that is needed in the industry. Sandy and company utilize their own personal experience as the leading contractors in the floor renovation industry to shape and develop our tool line. We have been providing products to the industry since 1995 with unwavering dedication to delivering the best product and service available.