Rental Tool Kit

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We are exclusively offering a tool kit for rental locations at a discounted rate!

Our Rental Tool Kit includes:

  • SDS-MAX Demo Tip and 5 Blades
  • Two 5-Foot Double Ergonomic Handles
  • Two 5-Inch Scraper Head and 100 HD Blades
  • 1-Foot Standard Handle
  • 4-Inch Scraper Head and 50 standard Blades
  • 2.5-Inch Spur Head and 5 Blades

Additional Information!

  • Our Hand Scraper Handles are made from solid steel round bar for durability and added weight to increase scraper head energy and coated for corrosion resistance. The Ergonomic “Beefy” grip options allow for extended use with reduced fatigue for the user. Check out our other available Handles and Combos.
  • Our Scraper Heads are made from hardened cast steel with a polished finished and heavy-duty locking hardware. They include a locking nut to mount with our interchangeable handles and are designed for longevity and extended rigorous use within all fields. Check out our other available Scraper Heads and Combos.
  • Our demo tip has been developed for extensive performance and durability. This combination creates the industry's top SDS Max attachment. Casted and heat treated, in Southern California, including grade 8 hardware and paired with our expansion gasket creating the ultimate in durable long lasting demolition tools. Check out our Demo Tip.

Our Tools In Action!

 5-Inch Scraper with the Double Ergonomic Handle!

The Demo Tip!